Deimos Token Initial Pancakeswap Offering

Deimos Token, and Binance Smart Chain native protocol is announcing the Initial Pancakeswap Offering on 9 April 2021.

On Friday, April 9, between 19:00 and 22:30 Italian Time, the IUO of the DIO token will be made at a random time point. During the IUO, 10,000,000,000 DIO tokens (1% of the total DIO token supply) will be offered in the DIO / BNB pair with a starting price of $ 0.0002 / DIO, which is equivalent to an initial market cap of $ 500,000 to $ 600,000. Fully diluted market value at the initial price will be $ 5 million.

Deimos is a protocol of the community, by the community, and for the community. Deimos sticks to a fair-launch principle, in that there is no discounted seed round of fundraising or any VC round before an average Joe from the community. Additionally, it should be noted that the rate at which the public is able to initially acquire DIO tokens is the same as the founding team’s initial purchase price. The founding team has acquired 19.8% of the total supply from Deimos for 990,000 USD, which initially owns 100% of the tokens. This purchase is made public in the Deimos’s open ledger.

More information about the token distribution and the countdown timer to the IUO can be accessed here.

Deimos Token will offer the opportunity to acquire DIO token in three rounds, all starting at a total valuation of $5M:

  1. Initial Pancakeswap Offering

Stay tuned to follow the news about the subsequent opportunities to acquire DIO token and how to participate in building and governing the Deimos Token protocol on social media:

Pancake Swap:








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