Deimos Token
May 8, 2022


Announcement Deimos Update New smart contract address

We have a few steps to take, including issuing the new contract, listing the new token with Bscscan, CoinGecko, and CMC, and then setting things up with CoinTiger.

You do not need to do anything for all DIO token holders in BSC. We will automatically send you new tokens.

We will also air-deliver an additional percentage of new DIO tokens to all DIO token holders in BSC to address some concerns about the opportunity cost of freezing DIO tokens.

If all goes well, we will re-open the new DIO on May 12 and send the old DIO to Users’ Accounts on May 17

As always, thanks to the community for your support. We hear your suggestions and concerns and will continue to execute and present them in the best interest of the community.